I'm a proofreader, writer and English tutor working in Edinburgh, UK. I'm the non-fiction-obsessed third of Feasibly Productions, currently working on our first podcast, Past Tense: British Civil Wars. My story “The Researcher” appears in the gothic storytelling anthology Haunted Voices by Haunt Publishing (October 2019).

Photo by  Kevin Percival .

Photo by Kevin Percival.


With five years’ experience under my belt as a proofreader, the work I've proofread over the last five years has ranged from academic articles and PhD theses to technical documents to company terms and conditions, from psychology to geology, social policy to astrophysics, and modern art to evolutionary biology. You can find out more here. I am currently available to take on new clients, so do get in touch if you’d like to work with me - and especially if you'd like me to proofread your thesis. I love reading other people's theses.


Feasibly Productions launched our first podcast, Past Tense: British Civil Wars, in September 2017. Researched, written and presented by me, the series covers the civil war period of 1625-1660 in the British Isles, as experienced by the English, Scottish and Irish - accessible for a lay audience, but not skimping on the detail. It’s currently on hiatus while I write the next bit - all that detail involves plenty of preparation.


My short story “The Researcher” appears in the gothic storytelling anthology Haunted Voices by Haunt Publishing (October 2019), in print and (of course) audiobook.


Focusing mainly on English from National 4 to Advanced Higher, and English Literature and Language from pre-GCSE to A Level, I racked up my 500th hour of one-to-one tuition in December 2018 - not bad for eighteen students over four years. I've worked with students across all levels of ability (and, initially at least, enthusiasm), as well as with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and with English as a second language. Many of them do very well indeed, all of them grow in confidence, and - which is most gratifying - after receiving tuition, several have discovered how much fun English can be and have carried on studying it at higher levels.

I was the Director of Athena Tuition Scotland between founding it in the summer of 2015, and February 2017. In June 2016, the team I headed ran the first ever private tuition conference in Scotland, "Teaching Outside the Classroom".

I've written high school courses and curricula in English, World History and Key Skills, and I'm on a mission to teach every teenager in Scotland about verb conjugation. It's not about recognising a subjunctive at sixty paces: it's about transferable skills and logical thinking - not to mention realising that poetry isn't too scary after all. Sometimes, it can even be exciting.


This one's the wildcard: a fortnightly arts and cultural newsletter that I cowrite and edit with my friend, Emily Benita. You can take a look and sign up here.