A gentle start

There's no excuse like a new year to get a blog up and running - it's been something I've been intending to do for a while. But 2017 was the year of the culture reviews for me (you can find them largely here for theatre and here for music). This year I'm shifting focus a bit, just in general, towards cinema and podcasts and trying to read a few more novels than last year.

So this space will probably be largely a sporadic media log, until I can figure out what else I want to talk about. Writing on a deadline is plenty of pressure for the time being, but the best fun happens when you just do it because you want to.

First media of the year, then - it's January 8th, and I've seen/heard/finished reading/consumed these:

1. *Murder on the Orient Express (film, dir. Sidney Lumet, 1974)
2. *Death on the Nile (film, dir. John Guillermin, 1978)
3. Mogwai, Les Revenants (album, 2013)

Two old favourites and something to stare into space and daydream to. Asterisks are for things that aren't new to me.

I didn't realise until recently that it was Sidney Lumet who directed the 1974 Orient Express, but it makes an awful lot of sense, and he does justice to one of my favourite books in a way that Ken Branagh can't hold a candle to. Nor can the David Suchet version, in this case - why can nobody resist faffing about with the ending and trying to give Poirot a Serious Moral Conundrum? Only Sidney understands me. (And if anyone would like to make a cinematic adaptation of "The Chocolate Box" count me in.)