In another life, astrophysics

4. *Public Service Broadcasting, The Race for Space (album, 2015)
5. Molly's Game (film, dir. Adam Serkis, 2017)
6. Emma Donoghue, Room (novel, 2010)

I don't listen to music on shuffle any more. This isn't because I'm a snob about it, just that I had to listen to a lot of albums all the way through last year and the habit stuck. At any rate, one of my favourite things is getting excited about science, and the space race in particular, and The Race for Space is exactly that. In another life, if I'd kept Physics through to A Level, I might have followed that line professionally. Alas, me-in-2006 thought Economics would be a better bet, and look how that turned out. (Less interestingly, is how. Go for STEM, kids; it's harder to read up on later.)

I burned through Room in a day and a half, partly because it was good and partly because I had to teach it on Thursday night. This is the second off-the-syllabus-beaten-track book I've taught at Scottish Higher and genuinely very much enjoyed. The first was Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. Both are approximately five million times more interesting to teach than The Great Gatsby the fourth year in a row.

After seeing Molly's Game (which I caught in pieces, because I was ushering in the cinema it was showing in), I also saw the first half of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. I wish I'd seen them the other way around, if only because MG was vastly more interesting. The trailer makes it look very run of the mill. It's actually worth seeing, if you like fast-talking things and/or feeling inferior to Jessica Chastain.